Woven Community Memories A Co-Created Art Work, 100th year of Armistice held at Hallett Cove for Mar

Artists words; A work for 100th year of Armistice held at Hallett Cove for Marion council. This piece was so satisfying sitting with people to hear they stories, their wishes and well wishing. most of all their thanks to those who sacrificed. their words were written on fabric and woven into the tapestry. So moving.

As the artwork grew through weaving it, it developed into a collective tapestry of peoples wishes and memories.

The use of bandages in the artwork is used to represent healing within the community, the rags represents the clothes that might have been worn by the people of war. This art work could be called ‘The Rags of War’.

It was an opportunity have the public speak about the war. We had those who had been in war and shared with each other their story while working together on the tapestry which was very special and healing. Other who had family who served in war who got to think about them and thank them by writing their messages. Others paid their Respects by writing a wish or thanks for their sacrifice in war. A broad cross section of the community was asked to be involved and many stories were offered, then displayed in different RSL clubs in the City of Marion.

Thanks to; Marion RSL, Hallett Cove Lions Club, The Vermont lifestyle village, Blokes Social Club - Glandore and many more groups, schools Thanks to Pia Vogrin Public Relations Officer - Events | City of Marion, Janet Byram Deputy Mayor and Danielle Trewartha Coordinator of the Marion Heritage Research Centre.

More from the people I got to chat to at the Council Foyer and their creations were most needed to have this be such a success.

Thanks to our Sponsor City of Marion and the funding partner. This project was made possible by a grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Armistice Centenary Program..

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