Magic Yarn Bombing Tree


This project has been such a joy in Coordination and practicing the skills of community-engaged, place making. cheers to all that got involved particularly Ellen joy Rowley for lobbying that i be the artist hire to do this work.

Why would anyone do something like yarn bombing?

· We want to inspire kids to play under a tree.

· Draw people to the Hillcrest Community Centre and get them involved in what we offer.

· Meeting different people, while sharing skills.

· Old, young and any age in-between can do this.

· It brings attention to old skills and keeps them alive.

· It is a inexpensive activity.

“Yarn- bombing,” or the act of street art where knitters and crocheters put swatches of knitted or crocheted yarn on public objects, first began in 2004 in the Netherlands. It has since spread to become a worldwide phenomenon, with yarn bombing installations as small as a swatch of yarn wrapped around a tree, bike rack, or railing; or as large as public statues covered in yarn cosies.

Despite the confusion or dislike of yarn-bombing, it’s becoming a widely accepted form of street art. Large corporations, cities, and small businesses reach out to local yarn bombing groups to have them beautify community areas. The beauty of yarn-bombing is that it is temporary. It can easily be removed with little, to no damage to the host, and the thrill of unexpected colour and cosiness in an urban setting puts a smile on most people’s faces.

How we make our yarn-bombing happen.

· We have gatherings and sharing of skills. Have a tea party.

· Draw people to the Centre by having a basket with free wool in the lounge area where people can collect and donate. This can be used by people to do more at home or if they have a house bound family member that would do something to be involved.

· Have flyers on us at all times where and how people can be involved. Also send emails out to those who might like this with a electronic version. Share on your social pages. Young ones will know what the last comment means eg Facebook.

· Can be using the leftover balls of wool in the back of everyone’s cupboards, even cheaply from Op-shops. Start collecting pop sticks and any wire that can be formed into shapes you can wrap.

· Get patterns and ideas from centre also.

· Space needs to be used when created. Share any ideas with Michelle Jahn, and others anytime. Eg storytelling on pillows under the magic tree. Lets offer it to the kids at the school. It would be very nice to have completion for local tellers and have a famous story teller to open it and kick it off. As a back drop for a great Easter Egg Hunt. We could invite different cultural groups to offer up something meaningful to them.

Ya! So Excited. Thanks Michelle

Jane Marr recommends Magic Tree Yarn Bombing.

October 29 at 4:23 PM ·

Fabulous example of a locally-initiated, artist-led (Michelle Jahn) and community-engaged place making project! Such a wonderful way for people to work together on a collective creative project with a public community outcome. Good health and well-being outcomes for those involved, as well as those simply enjoying the colour and vibrancy of the fabulous creations 💜

Stefany Cooper Enjoying working on the yarn bombing projects too 😊 And now, I am finally learning to crochet through your Nimble Fingers Group on Wednesdays. Who would have thought? 👏👏👏

Lynn Seaman recommends Magic Tree Yarn Bombing.

November 3 at 5:14 PM ·

This has been a fantastic project to be involved with, enjoyed putting my skills to good use and teaching others at the same time and learning new skills for myself. Meeting interesting and talented people.

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