Art Therapy 

Personal visits for Palliative Care Patients/Individuals

Some times we are too sick to read, tired of watching television and just plain tired of being idle as we were once an active, vital person.  Art Therapy can nurture the heart and soul and provide us with something we can achieve even when things are at their most difficult.

Many things can be made with just a little help and assistance.  Cards, painting, fancywork, block printing onto garments where each stamp is a testament to their determination to succeed-it can be worn like a badge of honour! If finger painting is all you can do, I will assist you to make it beautiful.  It can be an expression of love or just the opportunity of achieving something while recovery is happening.

For those who are in the final stages of an illness it can be company that isn't family but provides needed companionship for someone dealing with their situation. Small objects with meaning can be made which can make a huge difference to self esteem and peace of mind.

I am also a healer and have helped many persons in great pain physical or otherwise.  I have helped hold and steady the hand of a heavily arthritic person to achieve the a beautiful result on a card they designed for a family member.  It meant a great deal to them and to me.

I will bring all that is needed and depending on your level of ability and time, you can make any number of pieces.

To be connected to the essence of all that is, that is the desire of the human spirit. Through the practice of seeking your inner truth and journeying into the self, e.g. using techniques such as meditation and other disciplines, you actualize this and it becomes part of your daily life. The wonderful side effect is that it strengthens your spirit and the things that use to bother you don’t have such a hold over you anymore.

I honour all seekers of TRUTH, LOVE and COMPASSION

Full details of costing are available upon request.


Block printed on card.

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