Michelle Jahn has a wide range of creative skills that have lead her to explore many aspects of life. She balances her time and energy between developing her creative pursuits with art, gardening and immersing herself in the healing arts.

Michelle completed a two year certificate course under the guidance of Damian Carey in 1995. Since then she has been working as a massage practitioner, refining her skills and building up a loyal clientele.

Michelle expertly tailors each individual massage to the needs of the client; depending on how they are feeling and what physical activities they have or are preparing to do. Michelle always provides a clean, tranquil environment for each client, with soft lighting and relaxing music.


The different skills you can choose from and  Michelle will use in combinations are;

Therapeutic Massage,

Sport and remedial Massage,

Deep Tissue or Lymphatic drainage,

Acupressure, cupping,

Zen Shiatsu, Aromatherapy,


specialising in Pre- and post-operative care.


In addition to a lifetime of experience and personal development Michelle has concentrated on developing her healing talents since 1995. Her training is of the highest standard. Together with her professional commitment to you as a client, she provides a healing alternative to enhance your vitality.


These Healing Alternatives are;

Energy Body,   

Life Counselling, 

Shamanic Healing, 

Meditation Techniques, 





If any of this interests you and has made you Curious, Contact Michelle Jahn and have a chat on 0403090711

Giulia Papa says   'Yes! Michelle is an excellent body worker and has the ability to intuit how to improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you're looking for physical balance or guidance in a gentle non-judgemental way, do your body and soul a service and book in for some life changing healing work'.

Massage Training, Michelle is an excellent massage tutor and trainer;

Whether you wish to learn as a family casually or as a professional who has a accredited certificate.

Michelle's skills in training body workers are excellent for those wishing to become skilled enough to massage your loved ones before and after sports or for its health benefits, which can be very beneficial for those are stressed or nervous disorders.

You have a certificate and wish to take your skills to the next level, Michelle is skilled in teaching her style of massage and get the very best out of you. Her 20 years of experience and ability to problem solve clients conditions and to match their lifestyle . Mentoring you through the needs of running a business in this industry. Has Certificate in TAE Training and Assessment.

So have a talk to Michelle on how she can help in your new chosen profession in a affordable way or gather your family members to get skilled up to help each other for sports may you do and avoid sports injures. It is great bonding for a family also.

Hot Rocks Massage Therapy

All most all diseases or ailments stem from inflammation. This is

why inflammation is thought to be the root of disease, but it’s

not. This distinction makes sense when you consider the

causes of inflammation.

Things that cause inflammation long term stress, or

Candida Causes Inflammation

Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation and Free Radicals

Specific Nutrient Deficiencies Known To Cause Inflammation

How Excess Weight Causes Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation can be helped and fixed by changing your nutrition, gentle exercise and therapies like Massage/ healing, spas, saunas and all kinds of hydrotherapies  

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Come enjoy a luxurious 1 hour hot rock massage for just $80


Michelle will place precisely heated, smooth and flat basalt rocks on key points on the body. Smaller stones are also used to massage other specific areas of the body. The heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing Michelle to work the muscles without using deep pressure. Bookings are essential. 

Deep lymphatic and tummy massage

Time to enjoy a cleansing purge and cleansing through having a tummy massage with a lymphatic massage 1 hour  $80


Michelle will use her focus and skill to find the hots spots in your tummy smoothing them and releasing the blocks, while give a complete lymphatic massage. Bookings are essential. 

Book an appointment with Michelle today! 0403 090 711

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