How quickly can I get my shade?

Approx 1-3 weeks, from receipt of order and deposit, subject to stock availability. All delivery times provided upon Quotation are estimates. Once handed to our freight carriers, delivery time of your order can be affected by situations outside our control.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is an additional cost. Please discuss this with our team for further info.

I have an old shade I'd like to renovate, can you do this?

Absolutely we can. We use the wire from an existing shade and apply new fabric to give it a new lease on life.

Can I come in to see you, and look at a few shades?

If you would like to discuss your order, you may visit the studio or we can come to you by appointment.

I only want a shade for a short time, what can you offer?

Yes we can. We offer a light shade service for hire. Please talk to us re terms and conditions.

I can't see prices, how much will it cost?

We can come to you by appointment and create a quote to your specifications. if this is not convenient for you and email is your choice, we have questionnaires that cover the shape, size, who will be supplying the fabric, any other material costs and man hours cost. Other products are exclusive one off pieces which we can price on request.

Things to keep in mind.

Double sided shades                                                                                                                                               

 Whether you use wallpaper or fabric you will need double the material.

Having contrasting shades of colours for the two sides is preferred.

The fabric can be without board to stiffen, one option is to sew seams that fit the fabric to the wire frame and pull it over like a sock, then glue or sew.

Trim- extra details

Added touches whether traditional or new can individualize your lampshade.

Trim is recommended for shades when using wallpaper to protect the edges at top and bottom.

Fitting Size-Standard or other

E14 is required for lampshades with 30mm centre hole. Larger European E27 size needs a 40mm centre hole.

When buying fabric keep in mind.

It needs to be not fire retardant,  and check whether there is sizing/ treatment like a stiffening agent in the fabric.

Remember the tighter the weave and  darker the fabric it cast less light, and

 light will be more directional up and  down only.

Also, Take photos of your furnishings

with you when shopping for fabric.

If you use the old frame

-  use old frame and use old stiffening as a pattern. It Keeps  cost down.


How to install shade.

1.    Remove bulb and unscrew light fitting.


2.    Carefully fit and adjust shade into place.


3.    Re-screw light fitting tight & straight.


4.    Fasten light bulb back in.



lampshade -care & maintenance.

Standard bayonet is the most often used, will be needed. Recommended type of bulb to use is energy saver bulb, as it generates less heat.  ESPECIALLY  IN A SMALLER SHADE. 

Keep lampshades dry at all times. Water damage may cause warping and water marking.



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