Exclusive Illuminations specialises in bespoke artistic shades, made-to-order for ceiling pendants, table and standing lamps.
We offer a selection of Textile, art workshops for community and parties or professional skills development at studio.
Servicing the home, office or commercial business, my products are handcrafted and unique. Made in Adelaide, South Australia.
I have a great love of fabrics, more than thirty years in the textile arts and a passion for creating beautiful spaces full of light.
In 2010 I brought these aspects together to embark on a new endeavor, to create space through light. Exclusive Illuminations is a passion, an art, craft and sharing with the community.  As a practicing artist, I have a lot of experience including community art projects, installations, exhibitions, conducting a wide variety of workshops, running markets. I believe in working and flourishing together and love being able to bring my client's vision and mine in collaboration.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

Artists statement / BIO

Adelaide, South Australia

Michelle is a re-emerging artist rediscovering her roots and a passion for textiles. She is the first generation not to be a farmer’s daughter and has all the natural abilities to live on the land still, skills that translate beautifully to be an Artist. 

“These abilities are to make something out of nothing, working with wire, string, rope and a few tools from the shed and the ladies on the farms would have a sewing machine that they would make or fix their clothes for the house hold needs. So, she finds herself gravitating to using all these skills and breaking all the rules of what is expected of an artist.

A lifelong ambition was realised in 1996 when she had the privilege of working with Aboriginal artist, Bobby Brown.  Working with him facilitated healing of an artist's block she had been experiencing.

Another highlight of her career has been creating fabrics for the State Opera of South Australia.  These are not unlike painting — they must be larger than life to show up under floodlights on stage.  It was a challenge and a triumph she shall never forget.

See the creation of pieces that have texture, depth and movement, with motifs which have an old-world appearance, that are tasteful and a pleasure to wear or to have in your surroundings.

As a Qualified Fabric Designer, she creates fabrics for Fashion, Upholstery, Costume or home wears.

Now she extended into Lampshades industry and art instillations.

Creating pieces that are creative and expressive, her choice is to use skills to make beautiful sculptural pieces and that are illuminated. In making Artistic light shades it satisfies these compulsions.

Michelle Jahn

Adelaide, South Australia

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